A woman and child leave the No. 1 Affiliated Elementary School of Xuanwu Normal School following an attack in Beijing in January. A male attacker injured 20 children with a hammer Tuesday inside the primary school. Photo: AP

The government in Beijing has conceived new regulations to guarantee the safety of primary- and middle-school students, including a 200-meter safety zone and increased security personnel.

The regulations, announced by the Beijing government on Friday, promise to tackle common issues on school campuses, including school security and food safety. 

The “200-meter safety zone” will have to be built around campuses, and bans polluted factories, internet cafes and entertainment sites within this radius of schools, according to the regulations. Vehicles cannot be parked within 100 meters of school gates. 

The regulations also said that every 1,000 teachers and students will have to be assigned six full-time security personnel; for boarding schools, the number goes up to eight.

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The regulations emphasize safety education among students, saying that students have to learn how to avoid safety hazards such as attacks, fire and natural catastrophes. 

Schools are asked to install surveillance cameras which cover the entirety of public areas, and the camera system will have to connect with local police and education departments. 

The regulations also hold school principals directly accountable for all safety issues for the first time. 

Beijing‘s regulations came in the wake of a series of malicious attacks aimed at students in recent years. The latest case occurred in Enshi, Central China‘s Hubei Province, where eight students were killed and two were injured after they were assaulted on a primary school campus. 

The rules also specifically direct schools to examine their employees‘ psychological statuses, and to regularly investigate conflicts between school employees. 

In January, a school maintenance employee in Beijing was arrested after he attacked primary school students over labor disputes with the school. A total 20 students were injured during the incident. 

Global Times